Ripley & District Skittles League - Alley & Equipment Top Tips







2020 DIARY



Here are some tips to ensure alley and equipment will be fit for skittles next summer season.

Balls and pins - (Rule A2 – balls and pins to be in good condition)

• Don’t leave wooden balls and pins to soak in water. This softens the wood, making it crumble and brittle and can cause chunks of wood to come away. This gives an uneven surface to balls and pins (resulting in smaller and odd shaped balls)

• Linseed oil is good for wooden equipment and can be brought from hardware shops (Wickes, Wilkco’s etc) for around £5 a bottle. This fills the pores, and helps protect wood from denting by compression.

• Put some oil onto an old cloth and rub the oil into the wood, allowing the oil to be soaked up – however, don’t over soak – this will have the same effect as soaking in water.

• Remember to allow the protective substance to dry. Pins can be stood in a tray with a small amount of oil to be soaked up.

• Wooden equipment then needs to be kept in a cool, dry environment (not next to a heat source) – It can be useful to store the balls and pins in a crate / box with some wood shavings in to absorb any excess oil.


• Check the condition of your alley; items such as proud nail heads, loose boards, sharp edges etc, can damage your pins and balls.

• Ensure any hard surfaces on your skittle alley which the Skittle Pins and Skittle Balls are likely to hit (e.g. concrete pit, back of alley etc) are protected by some form of cushioning.

• The alley dimensions are enclosed.

• Alley tin must be painted white (as per rule A4)

• Starting block / chock hole to be clearly marked and in good condition (rule A5)

• Diamond to be clearly painted in (rule A6)

• Regular alley checks are done by the Committee – if you have any questions or you plan to change anything to do with the alley then please contact the league by e-mail -

• Indoor alleys with boards must ensure that the boards are fastened down and are not loose – with pins being able to ‘jump’ up because the boards have been hit with a ball.

• Ideally have a copy of the rules available in the alley in case of queries / disputes.

Uodated on 9th March, 2020