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The League has been in existence since 1978. It is open to all pubs and clubs in the local area. Originally it was stipulated that the pub or club should be situated in a radius of three miles from Ripley Market Place, however this rule has been made flexible on a number of occasions in order to complete a full quota of at least thirty six clubs. A more recent rule has been to extend the League to try and accommodate every team who is represented at the AGM.


The League is well run and has a strong committee.

The Committee members are:

Chairman - Malc Shinfield 36 years service

Vice Chairman - Tristan Dominic 5 years service

Treasurer - John Edwards 18 years service

Match Secretary - Steve Sheldon 30 years service

League Secretary - Paula Flinders 4 years service

Executive Committee Members

Trevor Collett 13 years service

Dave Evans 7 years service


Meetings are held every month with a 7.15 start. Attendance is mandatory and there is a fine for non-attendance. League Fees are payable at each monthly meeting as specified on the fixture sheet. Competition fees are also payable at the specified meeting. Cup and Competition draws are made at these meetings and any other business discussed – representatives who attend meetings then have the responsibility to feed back to their teams. Dates are in the Diary - HERE


The following competitions are run each year:

League Championship - Three Divisions of approximately 12. (Each team plays each opponent from their division both home and away) – played on Tuesdays.

Knockout Cup Competition - Played by all League Teams - played on Mondays or Tuesdays.

Sunday Cup – Played by all Teams who wish to take part. Played Sunday lunchtimes, 1pm start.

Singles Competition - Anyone signed on from any team in the league can enter - played Mondays or Tuesdays

Pairs Competition - Anyone signed on from any team in the league can enter - played Mondays or Tuesdays

Five A Side Competition - Any team in the league can enter as many 5 A Side Teams as they wish - played Mondays or Tuesdays

Captains and Ladies Cups - played on a single night after a League Meeting, the highest scorer over three legs wins.

Champion of Champions - A Three way one off Competition at the end of the season, where all three Divisional Champions play off against each other.

The top two teams from both Division One and Division Two will be promoted to the next division up. They will replace the bottom two in the Premier and Division One respectively. However, should there be a need for more teams to be promoted or relegated as a result of teams leaving the league or where a restructuring of the Divisions is required, then the Committees’ decision will be final as to which teams participate in which Division.


There is a one off Registration payment at the start of each new season - this is for entry into the league for that season. Current charges are 25 pounds for new clubs and 20 pounds for existing clubs. The cost for participating in the League is approximately 96 pounds per team based on a 12 team division but may be adjusted each year depending on the number of teams in the league.. This fee will be payable in 4 equal payments at the first 4 meetings after the start of the season. One off adjustments may be made to these fees at the discretion of the Committee in the event of any excess funds available at the start of the season.

Entry in to each of the Singles, Pairs and Five a sides is 50p per player. There is no restriction on the number of players you may wish to enter. The dates when the payments are due are clearly noted on the Fixture Sheet

Documentation and rules

All clubs will be provided with appropriate documentation including a Master Fixture/Information sheet

The fixture sheet will contain the following information:

The Fixture Schedule for the whole season

The Competition Schedules

The Meeting Schedule - with payments and reminders for what you need to bring to each meeting.

Contact Details for the Committee.

Contact Details for all teams in the League.

You will find the Rules for the League HERE.

Please read through these carefully. If you are unsure of any point or Rules contact any member of the Committee who will provide clarification. Please note in particular the rule relating to the submission of the completed result sheets and Signing On Sheets and who is responsible for submitting them to the Match Secretary. A fine will be payable for any Late Sheet submission. All results and League tables appear in the local press. In additional these will be available on the League website. It is a condition of entry to the League that you have a suitable alley and equipment. This will be checked prior to the start of the season.


Trophies and/or cash prizes are provided for winners and runners up of all competitions (except Champion of Champions competition - winner only). There are also prizes for the top individual score in both three and nine balls for the Season and also Sporting Awards for each division.


The League holds an end of season presentation and social night in October/November for the presentation of awards. Any team winning an award must be represented at this Presentation otherwise the award and any cash payable will be held by the committee until the next AGM

Overall it is a friendly League and we try and work together as much as possible for the good of all Teams in the League. Should you encounter any problems during the season the Committee members are available to assist you in resolving any issue that may arise.

Advice on how to play the game and what items are needed is available from the League Secretary.

Page Updated on 10th April, 2017